Le Corb was the fruit of an Industrial Design Material and Tools class. Students were supposed to select a designer, study their work and come up with a design solution for a coffee table that was influenced by the selected designer.

Le Crob was a group project that included a Coffee Table and a Lamp. The coffee table was designed by Amin Ghassemi based on his interpretations of Le Corbusier’s (Modernist French Architect) designs. The table was built by Amin Ghassemi, Heather Johnson and Jillian Maddox. The lamp portion of the project was designed and built by Jillian Maddox.

The goal behind this design was to design an environment friendly coffee table that followed a minimalist approach to mimicking Le Corbusier’s designs. The materials used in this project are as follows:

  • African Mahogany Wood
  • Copper Tubing
  • Glass
  • Research & Conceptualization
  • Knowledge of Furniture Design
  • Skills with shop tools such as:
    • Router
    • Table Saw
    • Band Saw
    • Chop Saw
    • Drill Press
    • Hand Drill
    • Palm Sanders
    • Lathe