Re-Wrap Convenience Store

A CSULB 49ers Shop

  • Frozen Yogurt Bar

  • Exterior Facade | Corner View

  • Entrance

  • Cashwrap

  • Ceiling / Lighting

Project Summary

Re-Wrap, a feasibility / conceptual study to bring a new look and style to one of the convenience stores at CSULB (49ers shop). This location, despite its location (high volume of traffic) is not generating enough revenue. To rectify this problem, students were asked to team up with CSULB’s MBA students. The result of that collaboration combined with the unique sustainable design solution, resulted in the birth of Re-Wrap.

In collaboration with Tanya Pohlner, Lisa Ouwerkerk, Megan Deguchi and Tracie Malloy.

Design Solution

As mentioned above, despite of the prime location of this store and the heavy foot traffic, the cash flow was nonexistent. Our solution came after studying the results of the user surveys done by MBA students, and a visit to the location. The store was cramped with merchandise stands with barely any space to maneuver in, the dated aesthetic and the lack of healthy food/snack options. Therefore we set our goals to counter 4 issues:

  1. Create an open and airy space plan that is inviting to the users
  2. Create a unique and modern design aesthetic that would attract the user
  3. Provide a list of healthy snacks with the addition of a merchandise unique to this location (frozen yogurt bar)
  4. Engage other stores on campus to collaborate (Utilizing Student ID and a payment option, reselling other healthy choices available on campus)

The new design of the store and the unique merchandise will add to the foot traffic, but it would also make this a social hub on campus where both students and faculty can take a break and “re-wrap” themselves.