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This project is cross combination between Architecture, Interior Architecture and product design. This project required students to select a brand (any brand) and research about their identity. Based on the results of the research students were asked to design a kiosk space for this brand that was no larger than 200 square feet.

This project required a multi panel presentation of the student’s design solution from conceptualization to hand rendered perspective views.

Required Panels were:

  • Concept Sketches
  • Concept Perspective View
  • Elevation Views
  • Perspective View of Individual Stations
  • Floor Plan of Kiosk (Hand Rendered)
  • Multiple Full Perspective Views (Hand Rendered)
  • Conceptualization
  • Space Planning
  • Rapid Visualization
  • Form Study and Visualization
  • Hand Drafting & Hand Rendering
    • Markers
    • Prisma Color Pencils
    • Pastels
  • Perspective Construction
  • Presentation Layout Design